Best High Roller Slots Online

It is often down to luck and luck alone in regards to which slot games and slot machines you play when you log into any casino site and start to play those games for very high stakes, as all online slots are by their design completely random and fair, you are never going to be able to instantly pinpoint which slot games that you ought to be playing to guarantee a winning slot playing session!

Which are the Best Slots for High Rollers?

However there are a few tips and pointers then we can pass on to you which may make picking and selecting a high rolling slot game to play somewhat easier to do! If you are playing at a Microgaming software powered online casino site for example you will find that each slot game available has a Jackpot Thermometer attached to it.

This Jackpot Thermometer is a very handy tool for a savvy high rolling slot player as by looking at it you can instantly tell whether any other slot playing has won the jackpot on that slot in the very recent past, and if not then that could be an indication of whether that slot is likely to payout soon and may be worth you giving that slot game some playtime!

Also if you are more interested in playing progressive slot games as a high rolling player, then the best time to get stuck into playing any of the available progressive slot machines at the casino you are playing at is when the current jackpot level is higher than the one at which the jackpot is usually won on that slot machines.

You will find plenty of websites online that list when a progressive jackpot has been won on any slot game, and by utilizing the information on those websites you can instantly work out or see the average jackpot amounts won, and should a slot games progressive jackpot be over the amount that it is usually won then that could be a sign it is worth playing for its progressive jackpot is overdue and may payout very soon!

You will also decide just how risk adverse you are when you are playing online slot games in a high rolling way, for there are three main types of slots available, those being low, mid and high variance slots and when playing nay of them you will find the chances of winning are different on each slot game.

We do have a section of our website that explains in quite a detailed type of way the different types of slot variance you will come across and as such we would suggest you checkout that article as it will enlighten you on the different way any online slot games award their winning payouts!

If you want a boom or bust type of online slot playing session when you are high rolling then it is often the case that by playing the Classic High Rolling slot online then you will soon know your fate, for these types of slot games do not come with bonus games or bonus features and as such you are not playing slot which set aside a small or large proportion of you stake money which is awarded when the bonus games finally trigger!

It can often be the case when playing the bonus video slot machines that a bonus game does not trigger for a very long time and that can cost you a large amount of your available bankroll and when that bonus game does trigger it may not pay out as much s you were hoping it would!

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