Fruit Machine Slots Play High Stakes

There is one type of slot game that you will find appearing at a lot of online casino sites that are like nothing you have seen before, and these are the Fruit Machines, which has been designed to replicate the types of slots found in many licensed land based venues in the UK.

Can Fruit Machine Slots be played for High Stakes?

The one main appealing aspect of these types of online slots games is that they offer play structures that are bonus game rich and that can make any Fruit Machine you come across highly exciting and entertaining to play.

If you are a high rolling online slot player then it is worth noting that Fruit Machines are not generally available to play for the very high stake levels that you can play standard online slots, and as such you are only going to come across Fruit Machines that let you wager 10.00 per spin as the maximum bet, however if you are looking for a slightly longer than average amount of play time and plenty of winning opportunities these types of slot machines may just be what you are looking for.

Below are a few of the unique features ad bonus games that you are going to find on the majority of online Fruit Machines, so do have a read through this listing for you many eventually decide playing them for fairly high stake levels is something you wish to do!

Hold and Nudges – Before you set the reels into motion you could see a set of three Hold buttons flashing underneath each reel, if you then click on one or more of these buttons the reel associated with that button will lock into place and not move when you next click on the Spin button, this Hold feature is fairly common and allows you to play these slots strategically and often hold and lock into place a winning combination several times on the trot!

You may also get offered something known as a Nudge feature, this is awarded to you only at the end of any one single spin of the reel you play, and when you have it available you can then move any of the three reels downwards one stop at a time in the hope you then nudge in and complete a winning combination on the pay line!

Bonus Trails – Many high stake Fruit Machines have a set of reel symbols which have little numbers displayed on them, and when one or more of these reel symbols land on the win line then those numbers that spun in will light up a Number Trail and when you reach the end position on that trail a main bonus feature game will be triggered and awarded to you.

Win Spin Slots – One type of online Fruit Machine that we think is going to appeal to a low of high rollers are those games on which instead of you being able to win a winning cash award when a set of matching reel symbols spin in on the pay line you instead are given a certain number of Win Spins, the number of Win Spins awarded will be determined by just what type of reel symbols line up.

What these Win Spins do is to launch a special bonus screen on which a 5 win line slot appears, and for every single Win Spin that you have been awarded and that then plays out on this special bonus Fruit Machine will be guaranteed winning ones, and when playing for high stake levels the final winning pay out once they have all played out can be enormous!

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