High Roller Casino Play Progressive Jackpots

You are going to be taking quite a few risks if you opt to play any online progressive slot games as a high roller casino player.

The reason for us saying this is that due to a certain percentage of each of your high rolling slot spins stakes going to feed the network wide progressive jackpot pool you will possibly not get the benefit of playing for high stakes unless you actually win the progressive jackpot attached to the slot game you are playing!

Due to that progressive jackpot pool contribution your base game progressive slot playing is going to be with a much lower pay out percentages as opposed to playing standard casino slots, and as such it may be best to avoid playing any type of progressive slot as a high rolling unless the thrill of playing them and the potential massive payday if you win the progressive jackpot is too much to ignore!

Pros and Cons of Playing Progressive Slots as a High Roller

We will not give you a brief round up on the pros and cons of playing online progressive slot games a as high roller, this will allow you to  make up your own mind as to whether this is something you wish to do  or not to do as the case may be!

Random Jackpot Hit Frequency – One type of progressive slot game that we may think is worth of you play for high stake levels are those progressive slots which award their jackpots at random, these types of slots are perfect for high rollers as the higher the amount you wager on each spin the better your chances of winning the jackpot becomes, and as such more high rollers win these progressive jackpots than low rollers do!

Stand Alone Progressive Slots – If you are worried or concerned that when you are playing network wide progressive games which all share on jackpot pool that your high valued slot spins and jackpot contribution are going to be won be another player then why not give some of the stand alone progressive jackpots slots a try.

These types of slot games come with a progressive jackpot, but they are only available to be won on one slot game and as such it is the player playing that slot that is feeding the jackpot pool and the only person who can ever win that jackpot is the one person playing it at any time.

By playing standalone progressive slots as a high rolling slot player you will never run the risk of adding a huge amount to the jackpot pool and then see a low rolling player winning the jackpot which you have made huge contributions too for a tiny staked amount!

Play When Overdue – If you do decide to play progressive slot games as a high rolling slot machine player then the very best time you can play them to have an increased and enhanced chance of actually walking away with the jackpot pay-out is when the slots jackpots is overdue.

By carefully monitoring just how much each online progressive game in the casino at which you are playing at has in the jackpot pool, then by also finding out when on average the pay-out amount was when any one player previously won the jackpot, then by only ever playing the slot machines whose jackpots far exceed their usual pay out amount when awarding their progressive jackpot you will have a better chances of winning it as that jackpot will be overdue and may be about to be won by a player.

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