High Roller Casino Slots with High Jackpot Payouts

Let’s face it, if you play slot games for high stakes then you will want to have the chance of winning some very sizeable amounts of cash in return for those high stakes, and in this article we are going to take a look at just which slot games are designed to give players the very highest best chances of spinning in their jackpot paying combinations.

As any experienced slot player knows only too well, there is no way of looking into the future when playing a slot for high stake levels and as such you cannot instantly predict just when you are going to line up the jackpot paying combination on any payline you have chosen to put into play on any slot machine.

However, by carefully taking a look at each reel attached to each slot, finding out just how many jackpot symbols are on each reel and then working out the chances of you lining up the jackpot paying combination using simple mathematics, you will be able to know just which slots offer the best chances of hitting the big one!

Below are some of the best high rolling slot games to play due to the fact you are more likely to win a jackpot when playing them with all of their available payline set into live play, have a look through this list and maybe give some of these slot games a little play time if you see them on offer at the casino site at which you are playing at!

Bush Telegraph Slot – The Bush Telegraph slot machine may be one of the older bonus slots available online, however it is a great high rolling slot machine to get stuck into playing for the odds on you managing to successfully line up five of the wild symbols which are required to be awarded its jackpot payout are a respectable 1,218,559 to 1.

Cashville Slot – You are going to like the look and way that the Cashville slot game plays and pays for this has one of the largest non progressive jackpots on offer and you could also be lucky enough to trigger a large paying pick to win type of bonus game when playing it online.

If you do decide to play the high rolling Cashville slot machine online and play it with all of its available paylines in play then the odds of you inning its 50,000 coins jackpot is 930,892 to 1!

Dog Father Slot – You are going to have a very enjoyable high rolling slot playing session if you make the very wise decision of playing the Dog Father bonus game awarding slot game online, for not only can two very unique bonus games be awarded, but the actual odd of winning its large jackpot when playing all of the payline it has on offer is 771,749 to 1, and that is much better odds of winning the jackpot than the two slot games named above, so do try and give it some attention and play time soon!

Spring Break Slot – If you want to compare some of the better high rolling slot games that payout their respective jackpots more regularly than other slots take a look at the Spring Break slot game.

This particular slot comes with a free spins bonus game and a fairly large jackpot, however when you play it with all of outs paylines set into live play the chances of you lining up the jackpot paying symbols on any payline are a huge 3,959,999 to 1, and as such stick to playing those high rolling slots named and listed above for the best jackpot winning chances!

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