High Roller Slots Bonus

It is going to be up to yourself whether you are interested in taking and utilizing slot bonuses that are guaranteed to be offered to you if you are a high rolling slot player, for whilst it is true to say they can offer good value and give you enhanced winning opportunities when you utilize them, often the terms and conditions attached to any slot game bonus mean you are going to have to follow a set of rules in the way you play your slot games.

Being told that you cannot play certain slots or have to play them for certain stake levels is really not going to appeal to a lot of high rolling slot players and this is why many high rollers tend to steer well clear of taking an online casino up on their bonus offers, however many casinos will offer their VIP’s a special and exclusive set of bonus offers which may be worth your taking a closer look at.

With this in mind below you are going to find the best slot bonuses for high rolling slot players, it should be additionally noted that the actual way a bonus can be structured will vary from site to site, but the following listing will give you general idea of what types of bonuses may just be worth taking when you are in a high rolling slot playing mood!

Managers Comp Bonus – Probably the one bonus which is going to appeal to every high roller are Manager’s Comp Bonuses, these types of bonuses usually come with no terms and conditions attached to them and as soon as they have been credited to your casino account you can do what you want with that extra cash, including cashing it out if you so desire!

Free Slot Spins Bonus – The one way that you are going to be able to instantly tell if the online casino or online slot site at which you are high rolling at truly values you as a player and is deserving of you slot playing action is when they give you a free slot spins type of bonus, this is simply a free set of slots spin on any one single slot game.

If you do get offered such a bonus then do launch the slot game those free spins have been credited onto, and if you find the maximum number of paylines have been activated and also the coin values are at the max and also the maximum number of coins per payline have been put into play then that is a high valued bonus and one worth taking.

If on the other hand you are not credited the maximum number of paylines, coin values or coins per line that casino is giving you a poor valued bonus and one that is rather stingy in nature!

Deposit and Reload Bonuses – One final slot bonus that you are always going to be ffered when you are a high rolling slot player are both deposit bonuses and reload bonuses, these types of bonuses both work in more or less the same way and to qualify for such a bonus and have it credited to you then you will first have to make a deposit into your casino account and the bonus will then be awarded.

The best valued deposit and reload bonuses are those that come with a high percentage match type structure, so look out for bonuses that are valued at in excess of 100% of your deposited amount, and also make sure there are no maximum cash out levels attached to these bonuses and you are able to lay the slot games for any stake levels and not have to play slots for only a certain listed maximum bet per spin!

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