High Roller Video Slots vs Classic Online Slots

There are two main types of high rolling slot machines that you can play online, the first type of slots are the older 3 reel slots which due to their classic layout offer players just one single payline and no bonus games can be triggered when playing them.

The other popular type of high rolling slot machines found in very large numbers online are the video slot games which are famed for offering a myriad of different bonus game features which make then quite exciting slot games to play for high stake levels.

Below we have put together a comparison type of playing guide which will let you decide which type of high rolling slot game is for you, do have a good look through this guide for the way each of these high rolling video and classic slot games work play and pay are all different, and some may appeal to you and some may not!

Excitement Factor – It is going to be the high rolling bonus game awarding video slots that offer you by far and away the most exciting type of playing structure, for thanks to these games unique bonus game rounds you will never know in advance when they are going to be awarded and you will only discover just how much you have won when those bonus game rounds have played out and finished!

Speed of Play – You will not find a much quicker playing range of high rolling slot games than the classical three reel slot machine, with no bonus games or additional bonus features springing to life and being awarded as you play then, if you just want to spin the reels quickly to discover if you are a winner or not then these game do boast the fast playing game structures.

Jackpot Payouts – There is not going to be many differences in regards to which types of high rolling slot games have the biggest valued jackpot payouts, for when playing both video slots and classic slots online you will find both categories of slot machines offer progressive jackpots that can be huge in value. You may also find some slots which share the same progressive jackpot pools but are designed as both three reel classic slots and video slots, such as the Cash Splash slot machine!

New Slot Games – Sadly you are not going to find anywhere as near new classical three reel slots being launched as you will find brand new high rolling video slot games, it does appear that higher rolling online slot players prefer playing new video slots as opposed to new classic slots, and as such if you love nothing better than getting stuck into playing a range of new slot games every month then you are going to find more video slots that classic slots being launched!

Slot Bonuses – You are not going to notice any difference in regards to which slot bonus can be used on either classical three reel slot or bonus video slot machines when playing at any online casino site, The operators of thee casinos want to appeal to every type of high rolling slot player as they can and as such all of the available online slot game bonuses are going to be able to be used on either video slot or classic slots.

Have a good look around our website for you will find lots of fact based high rolling slot machine articles that will help you located and find a slot game that appeals directly to you, and there are no shortages of high rolling slots out there waiting for you!

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