High Roller VIP Club Casino Player

As a high roller slot player you can expect and quite often demand a much better level of service when you are playing in the online gaming environment,  and this is due to you being a much sought after VIP customer by a lot of slot sites, who will all want you to switch your slot playing action over to their respective casino.

With this in mind it can often pay for you to get into with the customer support  teams of several online casinos that you may not already be a member of, or like the look of and ask one of their VIP Hosts to contact you.

All of the online casinos we showcase have such a person, and their role is to ensure that you get those little extras which your high risk high reward slot playing entitles you to have bestowed on you! Below are some of the extras benefits a high roller slot player can expect.

More Comps – You will often find that an online casino which offers a multi level type of loyalty or comp VIP club will catapult you right to the highest level of their comp club when you show an interest in joining that site and playing their slot games for much higher stakes.

This will mean you are going to be earning many more comps from the minute you start to play for real money than players who play for much more modest stake levels.

Benefits High Roller Slots Players Can Expect :

Faster Payouts – The online casino at which you are playing at is likely to pull out all of the stops to keep you happy, and one way which they will go that extra mile to do this is by ensuring that whenever you cash out any winning those winnings will be paid to you rapidly.

Any online casino worth its salt will want you pay you quickly whenever you win for they will know that you are likely to return to that site again and again due to those speedy winning cash outs.

Enhanced Deposit Levels – As you are going to want to play slots for high stakes then another benefit you will find coming your way is that you will be permitted a much higher deposit level than most other players when you high roll at any online casino site, this will allow you to obviously deposit as much as you like into the casino to allow you to play for higher stake levels.

Conversely you are also going to often find that the cash out and withdrawal amounts that you are able to withdraw when you have had a winning slot player session is not going to be restricted to smaller amounts that other players are forced to put up with, so whenever you have won a sizeable amount of cash you will have no problems cashing the entire amount out.

Dedicated Casino Host – You will always have access to one of the casinos VIP Hosts when you are high roller slot players, and this person is going to ensure that the promotions team at the casino you are playing at gives you access to more than your fair share of bonus offers and special unique comps.

You should never be afraid of asking for little extras when you are giving any one casino site a lot of action, for that casino will want to do whatever it takes to keep you logged into and player at their casino site, and if you do not ask for those little extras then often you may find they get offered you anyway!


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