High Rollers Slot Game Features

There are several different features that are attached to some online slot games which makes the base game of that slot highly appealing to a high rolling slot player, and in this article we are going to take a look at some of the bonus features, so you are going to be able to look around and see which slot games offer them at any casino you choose to play at!

Question : What Features Define a Great Playing High Roller Slot Game?

Wild Multipliers – One type of special feature that will make a slot into a potentially high paying and great slot game to play for high rollers is something known as a Wild Multiplier symbol. Most Wild symbols simply stand in for other reel symbols but when one of these Wild Multipliers spins in then it can and will boost the values of any winning combinations it helps to form.

Wild Reel Bonus Games – We have seen a sharp increase in the number of slot games available online which has a wild Reel based bonus game, these bonus games are usually awarded completely at random.

However when a player does get awarded one of them then up to five reels will eventually turn Wild as that one spin in playing out, and when you are high rolling the one winning combination you dream of spinning in is a screen full of Wild symbols, which is what this bonus game can and does occasionally award which makes it a stand out feature on any kind of high rolling slot game and one you should be looking out for!

High Payout Percentage – The one thing any slot player who enjoys playing for higher than average stake levels should be taking note of and looking out for is the actual payout percentage any online slot game has been designed to payout to players over the long term operation of that particular machine.

You really do need to be only plying slot games boasting the very highest payout percentages and by high we mean in the 97, 98 or 99 percentage ranges, do not think there are not that many choices of slot games offering payout percentage that high, by taking a good look through the slot games available to play at any of our listed online casino sites you will find plenty of slot games boasting payout percentage that high!

Random Awarded Jackpots – There are many of the new online slot machines which come with one or more progressive jackpots which are randomly awarded to players, however these types of progressive jackpot awarding slot machines are often perfect and great playing ones for high rolling slot players due to the way those randomly awarded progressive jackpots work.

The one thing to remember when playing such a progressive slot that the actual amount you are wagering on each spin you put into play will have an effect on just how likely you are to be awarded one of those progressive jackpots, you could describe it like a raffle and the more tickets or in this case stakes you have, the better the chances of winning one of the jackpots becomes.

So if you are looking for a great playing slot game to play for high stakes then do consider giving some of those slots offering random progressive jackpots for by playing them for higher stake levels you will have a much better and enhanced chance of winning one or more of the available progressive jackpots down solely to the amount of cash you are wagering on each sin of the reels you decide to play!

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