Slot Machine Options High Rollers

Every single high rolling slot player is going to have their own types of slot games that they find much more appealing to play, and it is worth us pointing out that there is something known as variance that is going to give you several different types of slot playing session when you are logged into any casino site and are playing their slots for higher than average stake levels.

Which Slot Variance Options for High Rolling Slot Players are the best to choose from ?

Slot variance is the name given for the way any slot game has been designed to payout, and the three types of slot variance are Low, Mid and High, and we would advise you to read through the following guide to slot variance as it will enlighten you on the different ways slot games have been designed, and should enable you to easily spot the exact type of slot machine you wish to play online.

Low Variance Slots – If you do not wish to take too many risks when playing online slot games in a high rolling way, then you should be looking for slot games to play that are categorised as low variance slots. These types of online slot machines have been deigned to spin in many lower valued winning combinations per session you play on them.

This ensures you get plenty of value from your bankroll and can have a decent length of time playing any low variance high rolling slot games however you are unlikely to be able to win huge amounts of cash when playing a low variance slot!

Mid Variance Slots – A mid variance type of slot game is one on which you will have the chance of winning some reasonable amounts of cash whilst at the same time should get quite a number of lower valued winning combinations spinning in during any one single slot playing session.

You will find low variance high rolling slots offer several different types of bonus games and bonus features if they are video slot game, or a midsized jackpot will be on offer on the pay table if those slots are the older types of 3 reel slot games.

Many high rolling slot players prefer playing any online slot game for the maximum rewards and as such if you do wish to ply them in this way you are best off either playing mid variance slots of which there are no shortages of online, or you may be interested in playing the very high risk high variance slot games of which you will find a description of below.

High Variance Slots – You will need to be prepared to compromise on the actual number of winning combinations that you spin in when you are playing a high variance slot game, for due to the way these slots have been designed you are going to find that when playing them, at any point in your slot playing sessions, some mega sized winning payouts can be spun in, however this is due to these kinds of slots being designed to spin in fewer low valued winning payouts.

The easiest way to spot a high variance slot is to look for slots which have huge valued Wild Multiplier symbols attached to their reels or have high valued free spins multiplier attached to the payouts achieved during a free spins bonus round feature. Be warned though high variance slots are very high risk slots to play, but when playing them in a high rolling fashion the rewards are there for the taking

If you are ever unsure as to how any slot game has been designed by its variance, then do ask the casino support staff and they will usually be able to point you in the right direction in regards to which slots have a variance you are looking for!

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