Slot Machine Questions

What are AWP’s and How do they Work?

The most commonly available slot machines that you are likely to come across the world over are of course casino slots, and they can take many different forms, such as three-reel classic slots or bonus game awarding video slots for […]

Step Back in Time

Chances Unlimited Fruity from Barcrest

By the time Barcrest got around to designing their Chances Unlimited fruit machine, they had several new innovations that they chose to include in the design of the machine, which was another one that was launched back in the 1980’s. […]

Step Back in Time

Barcrest Hi-Lights MPU2 Fruit Machine

The Hi-Lights fruit machine that was another of the many all-time classic fruit machines that Barcrest launched in the 1980’s and it was in fact one of the last of their machines that used their MPU2 microprocessor which was soon […]

Step Back in Time

Instant Replay Fruit Machine by Barcrest

The fruit machine designers over at Barcrest back in the 1980’s really did have plenty of fun designing the machines of that decade, and they were always eager to attach new and never seen before features to their fruit machines, […]

Step Back in Time

Nudges Unlimited Fruity by Barcrest

It was in 1981 that Barcrest launched their new MPU3 micro processing unit, which was to be used as the brains for their fruit machines that were launched throughout the 1980’s, and the very first slot launched using it back […]

Step Back in Time

Super Line Up Fruit Machine from Barcrest

The Line Up fruit machine was at the time one of the best performing machines that Barcrest had ever launched, and it would have been something of a surprise if you ever stepped foot into an amusement arcade during the […]

Step Back in Time

Razzle Dazzle MPU3 Fruity by Barcrest

I think it’s fair to say that by the time the Razzle Dazzle fruit machine was launched back in the 1980’s, the team of designers at Barcrest had got quite used to pushing the boundaries of their MPU3 micro processing […]