Video Poker

When it comes to spotting which video poker machines are about to pay it is sadly impossible due to the fact that the game is completely random, however some people believe in the myth that video poker games go through pump and dump cycles, meaning that when it is in a pump cycle you are going to be feeding it coin after coin playing game after game and getting hardly any winning combinations appearing.

Whilst during the mythical dump cycle then the player can do no wrong with hand after hand being winning ones! This sort of thinking often leads players to look for games which they perceive as hot or loose, so if they sit down to play and they start to get dealt lots of winning hands in a short period of time then they will happily sit there playing that machine in the hope that an illusive Royal Flush is just around the corner.

To dismiss these myths are exactly that, myths, you need to know how a video poker machine works, quite simply at the heart of it is a random number generator, and the soul purpose of this device is to pick out a sequence of numbers which are then transformed into playing cards and then displayed on the screen.

The basic game play structure of a video poker game is that you are first dealt out five playing cards and using your skill or more so your judgement you should then choose to hold any of these cards in place and and therefore choose which cards to discard, all discards are then replaced with new cards from the deck, the aim of the playing video poker is to try and end the game with a winning hand combination that is displayed on the pay table and as by doing so you will win the respective payout attached to that particular hand.

The fact that a video poker machine is completely random means that you will never know when one is about to hit and payout, in fact it is quite possible to win the top prize payout on two consecutive games, although an extremely rare event, being random means anything is possible no matter how unlikely it is.

So should you have just seen a player losing a fortune on a video poker machine then there is nothing to be gained by jumping on that machine as it doesn’t mean that the game should be about to hit even though that poor player has just filled it up! Conversely if a machine has just paid out a large win that doesn’t mean you should avoid playing it as another big win may be just around the corner!

Best Paying Video Poker Games

Depending on how you wish to define the term best paying, then some of the best video poker games to play if you are looking for the highest payouts are the progressive video poker machines, Blackjack Ballroom Casino for example has a couple of these kinds of games available and they are the Jackpot Deuces game and the Supajax game, so if big winning potential is something you are craving then perhaps you should consider giving either of these games a try.

However should it be the best paying video poker game you are seeking in terms of the ones that has the highest payout percentages and therefore the lowest house edge then our featured casino above features a game called the All Aces video poker machine and this is the one you should head too if you want to best chance of having a winning session.

What makes this video poker game so much better to play than all of the others, well it is the pay table which makes this game so very attractive to players, and due to the payouts achievable once you get dealt certain hands you will be playing on a game which boasts a massive payout percentage of 99.82%, leaving the house edge for the casino at a tiny 0.08%.

The house edge can also be slightly reduced by the addition of casino comps which most casinos offer players playing this or indeed any other video poker game in real money mode, however we should point out that most casinos will not permit a casino bonus to be used on this video poker game simply due to the tiny house edge!

This video poker game could be classified as quite a volatile one due to the nature of the pay table and the slightly reduced payouts offered for the lower ranked hands, however this is compensated with the higher ranked hands offering enhanced payouts, so at any moment you could hit several larger paying hands which will turn in a healthy profit, conversely you may end up getting lots of the smaller value hands appearing which will hardly make a noticeable difference to your bankroll, so it is swings and roundabouts really.

Video Poker Playing Tips

The one most important thing to remember when playing any video poker game is to always make sure that you play with the maximum number of coins in play on every single hand you play, the reason for us saying this is that in the majority of cases there is an enhanced payout offered for the Royal Flush hand when you play max bet hands, and playing anything less than maximum coins will greatly reduce the expected payout percentage of that machine and therefore increase the house edge, so always play maximum coins, adjusting the coin values to enable you to do just that should you be playing with a small bankroll.

Another tip is for you to do the maths when you are thinking of taking a casino bonus especially on the game of video poker, we say this as many online casino attach a massive play through requirement on video poker play when using a bonus, in fact many casinos won’t let you play video poker with any of their bonuses so another handy tip is to read through all of the rules and terms and conditions of any bonus you have been granted to see if you can indeed play video poker and what the play through requirements are should you be able to.